Our Process


Our roof cleaning process is a GAF, ELK & ARMA roofing manufacturer approved “NO HIGH PRESSURE CHEMICAL ROOF CLEANING” that does not void your roofs warranty and is applied with a ShurFlo electrical 12v 45 psi 3.4 GPM pump and is applied softly and evenly over the entire roofs surface. We have been doing roof cleaning in Orlando since 1998 safely and efficiently. We have been voted Orlando’s most reliable Roof Cleaning company 6 years in a row since 2005 and working on number 7.
Our Safe Solution Cleaner is evenly applied to your roof whether it is Tile, Shingle, Cedar Shake, Slate, Metal Tile “DECRA”, and Metal Roofs. If you watched us when we clean your roof, you will actually see the mildew, mold and algae disappear within minutes if not seconds. It is to some people almost like magic, what it is really doing is killing the mildew, mold and algae right in front of your eyes and protecting your roof from any further damage from the gleocapsa magma spores that are actually eating your roof. Once all of the black and brown spots have completely disappeared and the roof is determined clean, we will thoroughly rinse off the entire roof with fresh clean water with OUR water hoses hooked to your water spigots “NOT A PRESSURE WASHER” so that the low percentage roof cleaning solution that we used to clean your roof initially is so diluted that it can’t harm your plants later from the early morning dew that will cause a drip and you will have instant results not yellow and brown spots all over your roof that others often tell you to wait for a good rain to come to remove them. That along with the constant watering of your landscape while the roof cleaning is in progress and after the rinsing is complete is part of how we have the “100% NO PLANT DAMAGE SYSTEM” that others can’t provide.

Safe No Pressure Roof Cleaning is the first step in prolonging the life of your tiles, shingles, DECRA, metal and slate and another benefit to roof cleaning is lowering your electric bill and bringing back the new roof look by removing all that black mildew and mold that traps heat and prevents heat deflection.PLUS: This process is recommended by ALL major roofing manufacturers.