How To Find A Reliable Roof Cleaning Company

How To Find A Reliable Roof Cleaning Company?

Roof Cleaning and Pressure Washing residential & commercial properties is not an easy task and it takes a years of experience and knowledge of roof cleaning and pressure washing to master it properly. Look at their truck and equipment.

Is it out dated and poorly maintained with stuff piled up in the bed of the truck or trailer with hoses hanging everywhere rust covering everything and no signage or is it well kept and professional looking with the proper hose reels, neatly rolled up hoses, clean truck, clean trailer, does it look like they take pride in their business? Look at their (Credible) references if they have any, look at how long they have been in business at, look into the insurance and workers comp papers they have – (Never except a copy, ask for originals) and call the insurance agent listed on the liability insurance sheet to make sure that they are still valid, ask questions about how they do roof cleaning.

If they use a pressure washer on the roof for any reason even at low pressure please DO NOT let them clean your roof, because that will destroy your roof by removing the granules or taking off the color and glossy finish on tile and slate plus cause leaks, water intrusion and future damage that will be very costly to repair, and it will only look clean for a few months and will come back in a very ugly dense moldy striped pattern. If they pressure wash roofs they have no experience in what they are doing.

If they do not use chemicals to clean your home they have no experience. If they give you a super low price that is way lower than other qoutes that is probably the biggest RED FLAG you can spot, they are not in for the long run and I suggest that you go with median priced estimates, NEVER pick the lowest bid because it COULD cost you your home or life savings if they get hurt or you will not get the proper treatment or cleaning that you deserve.

Always ask for copies of the company’s References, License, Insurance and Workers Comp certificate papers. Look them up at, to confirm that they are even registered in the state of Florida. ”Act” means they are registered, “Inact” means they are no longer registered with the state and are illegally running a business, Not Found means they never applied for registration or an occupational license to run a business. You can also view how long they have been in business by clicking in the business’ name.

For instance you type in Tropical Roof and Exterior Cleaning Systems and it will show us Active & we opened August of 2006 and our former name Jade Cleaning Systems, Inc. was opened November of 2000 with my business partner Ryan Komanetsky which I bought out in July of 2006.