IMPORTANT NOTICE: Since the economy has taken a downturn and many people have unfortunately lost their jobs and unemployment. I have noticed a lot of new pressure cleaning gigs popping up everywhere since it can be cheap to start up with low end, pawn shop purchased equipment, printed flyers with super cheap deals and seems to be an easy way to make a quick buck. Be advised that it takes years of experience and these guys are NOT EXPERIENCED, NOT LICENSED or INSURED and they DO NOT carry WORKERS COMP certificates and are not registered with the state of Florida to work on your property which is AGAINST THE LAW. You are taking a very HIGH risk by hiring these fly by night guys. They may get lucky and get hurt on your home and will strike a small fortune by suing you and your homeowners insurance and take a nice vacation at your expense it is on the news everyday of unlicensed and uninsured guys ripping people off and getting away with it. Although I do feel sympathy for certain individuals knowing that they are doing what they have to do to for their families to survive and I pray every day that our economy recovers soon and employment rises again and pray for their families. They are taking away from the companies that have strived hard to build what they have, that are legit, experienced and fully up to par with their License, Insurance, Workers Comp, Employment Taxes, Business Taxes and all of the overhead and labor it takes to run and maintain their business. Those fly by night guys (GYPSY CLEANERS) that are new will be here today and then they are gone tomorrow, I have seen it happen all too often over the last several years.




Why let a Tree Service Company, plumbing company or any other company besides a reputable exterior cleaning company clean your property? Watch out for the “Jacks of All Trades”. If they offer pressure cleaning of driveways and sidewalks that may be ok but when it comes to your roof, exterior, screen enclosure, pool deck and any other critical surfaces it is very wise to use a certified and highly experienced roof and exterior cleaning company. This is what we do every day, this is our profession and we do not do plumbing, cut trees or do landscaping since that is not our expertise we leave that to them and we “mind our own business”.


You may have a concern that we use “Chlorine” in our solution. The honest truth is that chlorine is the only base chemical out there that really works effectively, and every single roof cleaning company uses it to clean roofs in some way or fashion except those who still use damaging high pressure. No matter what you have seen online or what other companies tell you, they use chlorine too. You may have even tried to clean your roof yourself with some new MAGIC product you purchased at a home improvement store or online to find it to not work at all and was a complete waste of money. Believe me, if there was a better product out there than chlorine. We would all be using it, I guarantee that.

Our formula that we have created with our company’s 2 secret additives is what helps us tone down the amount of sodium and increase the cleaning properties that helps to remove the mildew, prevent regrowth and extend the life of your roof. For the most part others use 60% 70% and yes even 100% straight chlorine on your roof and do not even bother rinsing it off. They put plastic coverings over your plants so if your plants get damaged they will tell you that they covered the plants so it can’t be their fault. In my eyes that is a very bad way to do business and that is one reason we NEVER use plastic coverings on any plant what so ever.



Well, that is actually our most important step to have a 100% NO PLANT DAMAGE SYSTEM believe it or not. We have NEVER killed a plant and we NEVER COVER PLANTS. In which we did cover plants in the past and found it to cause more harm than good, but not anymore. First, the light solution mix that we use along with watering the landscape thoroughly during the cleaning process, then rinsing the entire roof and then again watering the landscaping thoroughly will dilute the chemical to a lower consistency as the water in your swimming pool. Second, whether it is winter or summer or anytime between if you were to cover the plants with plastic even for just a few minutes the Sun will create heat under the plastic coverings creating a (Micro Greenhouse Effect) and will mildly to severely (especially in the summer) cook your plants, literally! Within a few days all the leaves will turn brown and fall off leaving you with “skeleton plants” and they may grow back after several weeks or months, even worse they were so over heated that they will not recover at all.


Now just think: A plant is a living organism and so are we. If you were outside and it was let’s say 55 degrees and someone wrapped you in a single layer of plastic and the Sun was hiding behind some clouds (A Partly Cloudy Day) would you start sweating and feel a little too warm and very uncomfortable? I am sure you would, because I tried it just to see how warm it gets even if it was cool outside and no I am not crazy and yes it did get pretty warm pretty fast. Just imagine if it was 70 degrees 80 degrees or 90 degrees and up. Get in your car after you run into the store for a few minutes and get back in, pretty hot huh?

Now you are that same plant again: but this time you have fresh cool water raining down on you and a nice breeze keeping you cool. Yes, you may have a little overspray and dripping of chemicals on you but the water is constantly rinsing you off and keeping you cool, wet and alive. The roof gets rinsed with 30 times the water than the chemical that was applied to the roof so it is already diluted enough but you still get another heavy rinse down. Now, that is what keeps plants alive!

So the key steps to keeping the landscape alive and looking vibrant is do not spray hot and keeping the plants wet and cool, do not use plastic coverings. Rinsing all roofs whether they are fully guttered or not. While others are in a hurry and tell you to just wait for the rain it may not rain for days and by then you will have a burn line all the way around your house.