Tile Roof Restoration and Painting:

Another one of Tropical's cost effective services is "Complete Tile Roof Painting and Restoration" with a heat reflective coating that you can pick from a vast variety of colors and sheens. If you're thinking of having a new tile roof put on because the color in your tiles have lost their beauty and character. Get ready to save several thousands of dollars by having your tile roof restored instead of being replaced. However, if your roof is damaged and absolutely needs replacing or repair then you need to contact Brian Sikes Roofing at www.briansikesroofing.com.

Our Complete Tile Roof Restorations include:

Before During After

All cleaning, cosmetic repairs (fix or replace any broken or chipped tiles, repair cracked or damaged mortar and fix or replace any damaged flashing), includes one complete coat of sealer and two coats of heat reflective coating in an array of colors that you can choose from. You can also add a glaze to the roof that will help deflect even more heat and give your roof a glossy finish that will last for years at an extra cost. This product seals, bonds, waterproofs, strengthens and closes the pores in concrete tiles to help prevent growth of mildew and any build up. It gives your tile roof a smooth, classy look. When it rains: the water will "bead" off the roof like a nice wax job on a car and is backed up by a 10 Year Manufacturers Warranty! With the exception of white coated roofs most all other colors will stay clean with little to no maintenance, since white can act as a canvas for green algae. Especially under heavy shade from trees so it is advised to keep those trees trimmed back away from the roof if you do choose to go with lighter colors. All colors including the darkest shades will reflect heat since this is a heat reflective coating and not a pigmented outdoor paint. Call for more information on this service or schedule an appointment to have us come out to give you a free estimate and show you some sample tiles and colors. Plus, the heat test demonstration to show the difference between coated and non-coated tiles in direct sun exposure. You will notice the difference guaranteed!