Driveway, sidewalks, walkways, and all concrete or paved surfaces:

Driveway Before and After Cleaning, Florida

Although driveways and sidewalks may be a simple task for us professionals there is a big difference in how Tropical cleans these surfaces compared to others. We have a three step process not a one step wash and go. Our process starts by first removing objects like potted plants, statues, chairs, tables etc. cleaning the entire surface with a Classic Whisper Wash. Second we rinse off all loose dirt, mildew and other debris from the surface that comes off with the surface cleaner. Third we apply a solution to the surface that helps prolong the cleaning and gets rid of hard to remove mold and acorn stains. We don’t just spray a chemical and water and leave. We want our cleanings to last and for you to be truly impressed so you refer us to others.

Driveway Before and After