Screen Enclosures, pool decks and lanai areas:

Screen rooms/screen enclosures

are cleaned carefully with special application tips that will first apply a solution to all the beams and screens and rinsed with soft pressure custom tips for certain types of enclosures and situations inside and out. Since 2000 we have not blow out a screen or damaged any enclosure.

Decks Before and After Decks Before and After

Pool decks

Depending on the surface of your pool deck will determine the process in how we will clean it. Chattahoochee, cool deck such as painted decks will have a solution applied to it and rinsed with very, very low pressure. Paver and bare concrete will be cleaned the same as driveways and sidewalks. We use a classic whisper wash which looks almost like a floor buffer to clean all flat surfaces that are not coated or painted not a high pressure fan tip wand that could etch the surface and leave a pattern that will reappear in a zebra striped pattern.

Decks Before and After Cleaning, Florida Decks Before and After Cleaning, Florida